The Girls

Best New Small Business of 2011, Best Hospitality & Tourism Business of 2011

The girls were both high school teachers for many years. They worked hard in the senior schooling area improving systems and bettering students’ outcomes year after year. Working well together and wanting to push new boundaries, the girls’ took leave from the education system to see how they can improve and better the hospitality industry in their local area.

The girls are striving to improve the hospitality industry by catering for today’s society without losing the wonderful experience of dining out. We have both travelled long distances to work over time and realize the need for fast, efficient  and reliable service without losing quality and family customer service values.


The girls have a great respect of health and understand the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle in today’s society. They want to support a healthy community and cook frozen meals which are healthy and convenient for dinner and make fresh salad sandwiches with dark rye bread that is made on premises.


The girls have appreciation for real food.  They are country girls that did not know of take away food as a child, so their menu is real flavours, no msg or artificial flavour, just good quality products made with pride and the knowledge of real taste.