Microwaveable Meals

  Chicken Casserole Tender chicken thigh casseroled with carrot & celery, mixed herbs and a cheese marinate served on a bed of rice $8.90

Beef Stew Homemade chunky beef stew slow cooked with pumpkin, potato, carrot, peas & onion served with a dinner roll  $8.50

The Girls’ Cottage Pie Ma’s Savoury Mince topped with cheesy potato mash $8.20 available in gluten free

Quiche with Gourmet Vegetables The Girls’ Bacon, Cheese & Tomato Quiche with roasted potato, pumpkin, carrot, capsicum & garlic cloves $7.50 available in gluten free

Beef schnitzel with Home-style Vegetables Local rib fillet beef crumbed by the girls served with roasted potato, pumpkin, carrot & snap frozen peas & corn $8.10

Chicken Parmigiana with Home-style Vegetables The Girls’ Crumbed Chicken Fillet covered in a home made tomato sauce sprinkled with parmesan served with roasted potato, pumpkin, carrot & snap frozen peas & corn $8.90

Chicken and Bacon Fettuccini Carbonara Pan fried chicken, smokey bacon & mushrooms combined with fettuccini pasta in traditional carbonara sauce $8.90

Bangers and Mash with Gravy  and Peas Grilled mini beef sausages with cheesy potato mash & snap frozen peas smothered in gravy $7.20

Guinness Pie with Roasted Gourmet Vegetables The Girls home made Guinness Pie served with roasted potato, pumpkin, carrot, capsicum & garlic cloves  $8.50

Spaghetti Bolognaise Prime beef mince in the girls’ bolognaise sauce served over spaghetti $7.20 available in gluten free

The Girls’ Homemade Beef Lasagne Long brewed bolognaise sauce with premium beef mince perfectly layered between sheets of lasagne and cheesy white sauce  $8.60

Ginger & Chilli Creamy Chicken Pasta Sauté ginger, chilli & vegetables, pan fried chicken & pasta stirred through a creamy sauce $9.20

Rissole & Gravy with Home-style Vegetables The girls home made rissole served with roasted potato, pumpkin, carrot & snap frozen peas & corn drizzled with gravy $7.20

Family Size also Available

 Gluten Free will have an extra charge and may result in a longer delivery time.


Frozen Meals

If you are what you eat then "The Girls" are...
(Just don't tell their mothers) 

The Girls’ Frozen Meals are designed to make the busy life easier. They are ideal for the busy family with individual taste buds or the single adult.  They are also good to help out a friend going through difficult times or elder people who would like a variety.

The Girls’ Frozen Meals are easy to reheat, full of flavour and very convenient.

Frozen Meals are available at The Girls' however are also cooked to order so please plan ahead and order today at The Girls’ Coffee Bar, Marburg. Delivery day is Wednesday, orders in  by Friday 3pm.

Pick up orders can be placed anytime from Wednesday onwards
Free Delivery for purchases over $100 within the Delivery Zone.

$15 surcharge for all other deliveries within the Zone.

The Girls Free Delivery Zone