The Girls' Gourmet Foods

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The Girls' Gourmet Range consists of traditional butters and jams just like Nan used to make but also some of Jody's recipes for relishes, chutney and sauces. Many having a hint of chilli added. With Jodys' family always being interested in chillies she has learnt their flavours, their heat, the way they make people cry, she has come up with different ways of using chilli in food to suit nearly every person.

Many of The Girls' Gourmet Range can be found on the Menu, at The Girls' Coffee Bar

The Gourmet Range continues to grow however below is the pricelist so far.

Postage can be calculated through Australia Post or contact The Girls via email: Average Bottle: 480g, H10cm x W6.5cm x L6.5cm.

Product (Prices are Australian not U.S) Price
Beetroot Relish US$ 7.90
Pumpkin Chutney US$ 7.20
Strawberry Jam US$ 6.40
Pineapple Jam US$ 6.40
Passionfruit Butter US$ 6.50
Lemon Butter US$ 6.40
Chilli & Garlic Jam (Med Heat) US$ 7.90
Reaper Jam (Hot Heat) US$ 8.60
Space Chilli Jam (Mild Heat) US$ 8.60

The Pricelist is Australian Dollars NOT American